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Fair @ Square fair trade + ethical festival Recipes

Thank you for coming along to the Fair @ Square fair trade + ethical festival yesterday, we appreciated your attendance.

We have below the healthy and delicious recipes that we taught at the Good Kitchen Stage.

For those that didn't make it, we didn't want you to miss out, so here is our special gift to you.

We love helping you all stay healthy from the inside out!

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Greek Beans and Sweet Potato

Greek BeansGreek beans is a meal I grew up with, and one of my favourite things my mum used to make. Traditionally, my mum made it with long green beans, diced white potatoes and occasionally some chopped carrots. Greek cooking is about good food, fresh produce, bringing family and friends together and celebrating life.


I hope you enjoy this dish as it is close to my heart and a little it of how I grew up. 

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Smoothie On The Run

Smoothie On The Run

Hi everyone this is an awesome smoothie I made for Paulo this morning. 

Simply blend in your vitamix or blender:

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